We’re Taking the Long View


During a weekend seminar our doctors came together and arrived at a conclusion.  Being in practice for over 25 years they all realized a problem in the supplement industry.  They all recommended supplements to their patients but they all found themselves wanting more in the formulas they were using.  More of a particular ingredient, more absorption, and more formulas specific for what their patients needs were.  Hence the creation of Holistic Health Marketplace.  A marketplace where patients can go for safe, reliable, and effective products created by doctors with years of experience.  Our formulas use only the highest quality ingredients from the most reliable sources.  Manufactured in the USA and used by hundreds of patients across the world. Our doctors have not only created these formulas for you but for their patients and their families. 

At Holistic Health Marketplace we are committed to providing the highest quality supplements for optimal absorption and support.  The doctors of Holistic Health have formulated our solutions for YOU to support your overall health and well being.  We are dedicated to continue this mission to improve the lives of our customers and our world.

Our formulas use only the highest quality ingredients from the most reliable sources.


Products are subject to laboratory testing and human clinical trials to assess for safety.


Products are third-party tested for purity and quality.


We use the highest quality products sourced from around the world manufactured in the USA


All of our products are backed by research that we make available to our customers